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Two Rivers of the Mind

Two Rivers of the Mind

Authors : Christopher J Bourg
Publisher : iUniverse
Publication Date : 2019-10-09
ISBN-13 : 9781532070419
ISBN-10 : 1532070411
Page : 270 Pages
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Categories : Self-Help
Language : en

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Overview Two Rivers of the Mind

Our lives and how we live them are like a river adventure—and it’s up to us to make the experience fun. It’s not the river’s job to make us successful or happy. What we make of every day is up to us, and we get to decide if we will face the challenges in front of us or stop halfway through the adventure. Captain Bon, a real tugboat captain and former Navy man whose service taught him about leadership and hard work, is your guide in this book that will help you create a system to succeed. The captain has made it his life’s work to support and raise a family while chasing his dreams, and he shares lessons from great thinkers such as John Maxwell and Tony Robbins and his study of high achievers like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi. Through the experiences of Captain Bon, you will see that everyone faces fears, but that our success depends on the perspective we have about our worries. So, take a journey with the captain and learn a new way to live life.

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