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Two Lies and a Spy

Two Lies and a Spy

Authors : Kat Carlton
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Publication Date : 2014-09-02
ISBN-13 : 9781442481732
ISBN-10 : 1442481730
Page : 272 Pages
User Reviews : 1
Bestsellers Rank : 3
Categories : Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Language : en

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Summary Two Lies and a Spy

Kari plunges into the world of espionage on a mission to save her parents while trying to impress the guy she’s been in love with forever in this entertaining thriller that “goes down as easy as popcorn” (Kirkus Reviews).

When sixteen-year-old Kari’s dad sends her an unexpected text, she and her brother immediately go into hiding. Because when your parents are superspies and your dad declares a Code Black, it can only mean something bad. Very bad.

Kari soon discovers that her parents have been disavowed and declared traitors, and she’s determined to clear their names. Breaking into the Agency seems like a reasonable plan, especially with a team that includes her longtime crush, Luke, as well as her two best friends—an expert hacker with attitude and a master martial artist—and Luke’s popular, vindictive twin sister. Oh, and a new guy, who’s as cute as he is complicated…

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