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TuneCrack - User's Manual (v1.01)

TuneCrack – User’s Manual (v1.01)

Authors : F. Rudin
Publisher : F. Rudin
Publication Date : 2015-10-07
ISBN-13 :
ISBN-10 :
Page : 90 Pages
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Categories : Art, Education, Computers
Language : en

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Synopsis TuneCrack – User’s Manual (v1.01)

TuneCrack stands for: Crack the tuning problem – Learn to tune instruments precisely. The importance of tuning is often underestimated. However, tuning is a necessary step for every performance. TuneCrack has exercises to improve your listening skill and your pitch transfer skill. Your listening skill is trained with the Precision Listening Method. Your task is to solve ever more challenging questions: until a precision to the cent. Your transfer skill is trained with the Pitch Keeper Method. First, the program introduces you to your personal Absolute Pitch Point. With appropriate exercises and feedback you learn how to take over a pitch and keep the sound in your mind for an ever-lengthier time period. Transferring a pitch and keeping it in your mind is an important step in understanding the musical center of a piece. Since humans can only express pitch by singing, the program listens to you and gives you feedback based on your singing: a colored pitch line shows, if you are too low, too high or on target. The program tracks your progress and lets you see the statistics in graphical form. Thus, your weak and strong points get visible. Eliminate weak points by training. Build upon and extend your strong points. With your strong points start building an absolute pitch repertoire. 

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