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Tricksters and Trancers

Tricksters and Trancers

Authors : Mathias Georg Guenther
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Publication Date : 1999
ISBN-13 : 9780253336408
ISBN-10 : 0253336406
Page : 288 Pages
User Reviews : 1
Bestsellers Rank : 4
Categories : History, Religion, Social Science
Language : en

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Descriptions Tricksters and Trancers

..””. a first-rate piece of scholarship… an invaluable summary and commentary on the multilingual literature on [Bushman] people.”” — Choice

The trickster and trance dancer are the guides through Bushman (or San) religion, a world of ambiguity and contradiction, and of enchantment. The two figures, who in Bushman belief are symbolically equivalent and mystically linked, embody these antistructural traits.

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