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To Tame a Duke

To Tame a Duke

Authors : Patricia Grasso
Publisher : Open Road Integrated Media, Incorporated
Publication Date : 2010-06
ISBN-13 : 9780759244047
ISBN-10 : 0759244049
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Categories : Fiction
Language : en

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Summary To Tame a Duke

“Set against the turbulent historical background of the War of 1812, this star-crossed romance pits a grieving English nobleman, James Armstrong, the fourteenth duke of Kinross, who has come to America bent on avenging the death of his elder brother, the thirteenth duke, who was betrayed to American troops and executed. He is in pursuit of the Gilded Lily, a spy-catcher of formidable reputation and great skill. When he finds his prey, he is dismayed to discover that the Lily is no common soldier; she is eighteen-year-old Lily Hawthorn, the beautiful raven-haired daughter of a tavern owner with sapphire eyes and a daring spirit. James kidnaps Lily and her eight-year-old brother and returns with them to England, intending to keep them prisoner until the end of the war. He decides to make her fall in love with him and then break her heart but all romantic hell breaks out when he himself falls in love.”

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