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The Young Heidegger

The Young Heidegger

Authors : John Van Buren
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Publication Date : 1994-11-22
ISBN-13 : 9780253113931
ISBN-10 : 0253113938
Page : 448 Pages
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Categories : Philosophy, Religion
Language : en

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Overview The Young Heidegger

“… a major contribution to Heidegger scholarship…” — Journal of the History of Behavioral Sciences

“Van Buren’s portrayal of these formative years is striking and vital to all future Heidegger scholarship.” — Christian Century

“Van Buren presents a clear and cogent argument for the theory that Martin Heidegger’s mature thought, epitomized in Being and Time, actually was a return to his youthful theory and concerns…. Van Buren’s ability to present a rounded discussion while using Heidegger’s own technical vocabulary is highly commendable.” — Library Journal

“… here at last is a work on the philosopher that is of fundamental philosophical-historical import. Van Buren’s book is both interesting and well written… ” — Choice

“… a readable, interesting, and first-rate book.” — John D. Caputo

A startling new reading of Martin Heidegger’s early thought leading up to Being and Time (1927) and its subsequent development in his later writings.

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