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The Summer House

The Summer House

Authors : James Patterson
Publisher : Random House
Publication Date : 2020-06-08
ISBN-13 : 9781473579804
ISBN-10 : 1473579805
Page : 448 Pages
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Categories : Fiction
Language : en

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Summary The Summer House

For seven unsuspecting victims, death comes in the dark . . .

Once a luxurious getaway for a wealthy Southern family, the Summer House has long since fallen into disrepair. Its fall from grace is complete when it becomes the scene of a horrific mass murder.

Shocking evidence points to four Army Rangers recently returned from Afghanistan. The Army sends Major Jeremiah Cook, a war veteran and former NYPD cop, to investigate.

As Cook and his team struggle to put together pieces of evidence that just won’t fit, powerful forces rally against them to try to ensure that damning secrets are buried along with the victims.

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