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The Reluctant Witness

The Reluctant Witness

Authors : Marilyn Ellsworth Shelley
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Publication Date : 2014-05-27
ISBN-13 : 9781499025385
ISBN-10 : 1499025386
Page : 222 Pages
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Categories : Fiction
Language : en

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Synopsis The Reluctant Witness

Maria, a divorced mother with two small children works as a para-legal for a large law firm in Lockwood. While jogging along the Riverford trail and hidden by the trees, she witnesses a brutal murder. Traumatized, she recognizes the assailant as Carlos Domingues, the Vice President of Validity Trust Bank and a powerful, influential man in Lockwood. She immediately recognizes the danger she is in if she reports to crime to the police no one would believe her and if Carlos knew she was a witness, she would be his next victim. When she receives a notice to serve on a grand jury, she realizes she needs help and turns to the only man she can trust. Karl Clayson, is a co-worker at the law firm and together they find a way to obtain evidence against Carlos. However Brad Wood of the Lockwood Police Department and a friend of Karls begins to suspect Karl of deception in his involvement with Maria. Determination drives Maria into certain death situations if caught in her pursuit to bring Carlos to trial. Her investigation uncovers two more deaths she is certain Carlos is responsible for. The mystery and thrills hold the reader to the edge of suspension as tragedy strikes time and time again until justice is in the balance.

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