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The Breath of Jasmine

The Breath of Jasmine

Authors : Paulo MORAES
Publisher : Independently Published
Publication Date : 2016-12-25
ISBN-13 : 9781520235820
ISBN-10 : 1520235828
Page : 109 Pages
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Language : en

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Summary The Breath of Jasmine

Daily poems, nature and human circumstances…Time invaded my age and took my name/Time invaded my age and took my name./Gone are the days without their Sunday suits./Naughty Monday invaded the week/With the sparkling horseshoes of his light horses./The urban territory was full of inaugurated months,/Covered with a final green, unlimited and spacious./That’s how December invaded the summer with the beaches/And fecundated the belly of the sands of heat and gore./The crackling rays of the Sun invaded the footprints/And the migratory identity of the perpetual butterfly./In the interlude between the Twilight and the Daybreak,/Butterflies stretch reality to the limit./Summer invaded the brevity of the uninhabited mirror/With illusions of sinister texture and sudden violet./And as it was December, the sun invaded the gloom/Without leaving a witness or a trace./PAULO MORAES

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