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Authors : Andrew Beards
Publisher : Liturgical Press
Publication Date : 2010
ISBN-13 : 9780814654743
ISBN-10 : 0814654746
Page : 142 Pages
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Categories : Philosophy, Religion
Language : en

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Philosophy begins, Aristotle said, with wonder; it addresses the great questions of life. This process of self-discovery through philosophy leads one to ask questions not only about human existence but also about God. In Philosophy: The Quest for Truth and Meaning, Andrew Beards introduces readers to some key philosophical ideas ‘the mind’s ability to know truth and reality, metaphysics, ethics, and questioning life’s ultimate purpose ‘in order to guide them in philosophical reflection. By examining the development of philosophy, Beards demonstrates and makes a case for the interplay of faith and reason.

Andrew Beards, PhD, is reader in philosophy and director of the distance-learning B.A. Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition program at Maryvale Institute, an international institute for philosophy and theology based in Birmingham, UK.

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