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Love Cats

Love Cats

Authors : Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta
Publisher : Next Century Publishing Company
Publication Date : 2015-05-12
ISBN-13 : 9781681020518
ISBN-10 : 1681020513
Page : 206 Pages
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Language : en

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Summary Love Cats

Janey Peyton is filthy rich, but also a down-to-earth goth chick. She lives in suburban New Jersey during the 1980s. Janey has it all, including an Italian live-in housekeeper (who sometimes drives her batty with overbearing dated love advice).

Since Janey’s status symbol-driven parents are absent in her life love-starved Janey desperately seeks a soul mate as she cruises the new wave nightclubs. Enter Beck Stewart, also a workaholic, but for all the right reasons. The working class hero wants to make a better life for himself. Beck falls hard for Janey and turns a blind eye to the immediate red flags: she’s a snoop and obviously hates his beloved old cat, Morticia.

When Janey discovers Beck can’t resist overtime hours, she mistakes his job loyalty for neglect. For “revenge” she takes on other lovers and is careless when it comes to hiding her conquests. What happens when Beck feels enough is enough and the couple who had their ups and downs finally hit an all time low? And what happens when a stray kitten shows up on cat hater Janey’s doorstep?

If you love the’80s, alternative wave, sexy chick lit, and of course CATS, this book is for you!

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