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Lisbeth Longfrock

Lisbeth Longfrock

Authors : Hans Aanrud
Publisher : LULU Press
Publication Date : 2008-10
ISBN-13 : 9781409931584
ISBN-10 : 1409931587
Page : 108 Pages
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Language : en

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Descriptions Lisbeth Longfrock

Hans Aanrud (1863-1953) was a Norwegian author. He wrote plays, poetry, and stories depicting rural life in his home town Gudbrandsdal. Aanrud was born and raised in Auggedalen, a valley in Gausdal, close to Gudbrandsdal. His short stories are considered by his own countrymen as belonging to the most original and artistically finished life pictures that have been produced by the younger literati of Norway. They are generally concerned with peasant character, and present in true balance the coarse and fine in peasant nature. His works include: Fortaellinger (1891), Fra Svipop til Venaasen (1892), En Vinternat, og Andre Fortaellinger (1896), Storkarer (1896), Hoit Tilhest (1901), Seminaristen, og Andre Fortaellinger (1901), Sidsel Sidsaerk og Andre Kjaerring-Emner (translated as Lisbeth Longfrock) (1903), Fortaellinger, Folkeudgave (1905), Hanen (1906), Smaafae (1906), Fortaellinger, Anden Folkeudgave (1906), Solve Solfeng (translated as Solve Suntrap) (1910), Samlede Verker (1914/1943), Fortaellinger for Barn (1917), Fyrabendsarbeide (1921), Jo-Karerne I Skarvangen (1923) and Fortaellinger (1923/1931).

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