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Lily Smith and the Duke's Diamonds

Lily Smith and the Duke’s Diamonds

Authors : Autumn Barlow
Publisher : Autumn Barlow
Publication Date : 2019-08-14
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Page : 138 Pages
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Categories : Fiction
Language : en

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Synopsis Lily Smith and the Duke’s Diamonds

Lily Smith and the Duke’s Diamonds:

Mother, sister, or justice? Choose one.

Lily Smith, a policewoman in 1920s London, would rather be dancing to jazz in a club. Now a straightforward surveillance task has got her tangled up in a web of lies, and exposing certain truths could end her career.

With enemies in the shadows, but good friends all around, it’s a race to solve the case of the missing diamonds. And when she discovers who really did it, will she have the courage to reveal the whole truth, or can she find a way to save all the people that she cares about … and still uphold the law?

Lily Smith and the Misplaced Lord:

A straightforward question of inheritance opens up a history of mistakes that proves deadly.

Lily Smith is battling trouble at work, and strife at home. Her colleague is harbouring a grudge and her mother is becoming erratic. She helps her friend, Nell, on a visit to a lawyer and does not expect this simple task to become the most challenging one of all.

But she asks the wrong questions of the wrong people, and someone ends up murdered.

So she continues to ask questions – and now she’s the one in danger, fighting for her own life. And the one person she thought she could rely on has disappeared…

This volume, book one, contains TWO prequel novellas as an introduction to the Golden Twenties Mysteries which continue with book two, Lily Smith and the Lady’s Secret.

They are traditional mysteries with no cliffhangers or extreme scenes, written in British English. These novellas allow you to dip your toe into the water and see if the temperature suits you!

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