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Le grand dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford

Le grand dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford

Authors : Oxford Dictionaries,, Oxford Oxford Languages
Publisher : Oxford University Press/Hachette Livre
Publication Date : 2007-05-10
ISBN-13 : 9780198614227
ISBN-10 : 0198614225
Page : 1945 Pages
User Reviews : 1
Bestsellers Rank : 5
Categories : Foreign Language Study
Language : fr

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Summary Le grand dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford

Acclaimed by language professionals the world over, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary has long been the market leader. Using the statistical evidence provided by vast electronic databanks of language currently being written and spoken, our expert editors have made it the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date dictionary of French and English available today. This fully updated fourth edition has even better coverage of the language than ever before, with improved treatment of acronyms and EU terminology, as well as thousands of new words in both English and French. A must for anyone studying the French language, this dictionary has been tailored to the needs of students in consultation with key academic advisors. This edition contains even more of the useful information for language students or part-time residents abroad, including sample bills and rental agreements. By far the most up-to-date and complete French dictionary of its size, it will provide one-stop shopping for all your language needs.

� NEW thousands of new words spanning everything from technology and medicine to colloquial slang

� NEW headwords in color and changes to layout to further improve accessibility

� Increased coverage of acronyms and EU terminology

� More material for students on their year abroad or anyone living in the French speaking world e.g. sample utility bills, bank statements, rent agreements

� NEW and updated cultural notes–grasp the essence of the language

� A ‘numbers’ page at the start of the dictionary covers the increasing frequency of numeric abbreviations, such as ‘0800 number’ and ’24/7′

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