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I Am Your Father

I Am Your Father

Authors : Mark Stibbe
Publisher : Monarch Books
Publication Date : 2010-09
ISBN-13 : 9781854249371
ISBN-10 : 1854249371
Page : 320 Pages
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Categories : Religion
Language : en

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Summary I Am Your Father

Why we may be forgiven–but are not yet free

In January 2009, Dr. Mark Stibbe left his role as the senior leader of a highly successful Anglican congregation. Taking a big step of faith, he founded a ministry called The Father’s House, dedicated to taking the Father’s love to the fatherless and bringing an end to the global pandemic of fatherlessness.

Mark took this risk because he is convinced that our society has been deeply damaged by absent or brutal fathers. The churches can offer a solution–a healing relationship with our Heavenly Father–but many Christians have been poorly fathered and are bound by the legacy of this wound. As long as believers are restricted by the chains of their past, their churches will not be a part of the solution to fatherlessness; they will be a part of the problem. “The whole planet is waiting for Christian believers to rise up as the adopted sons and daughters of Abba, Father.”

I Am Your Father is designed to help free Christians from their father wounds, so that they are then capable of playing their part in healing our fatherless world. In part 1, Mark takes a detailed look at fatherlessness. He describes the different ways in which fathers can hurt their children and the ensuing toxic results. In part 2, he goes deeper, defining the wound as “the orphan heart” and describing the main symptoms of this condition in peoples’ lives. In part 3, he shows how Christians can find true healing through experiencing the spirit of adoption and by using seven keys to freedom. Mark uses his own story of being orphaned and adopted as the backdrop to this teaching.

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