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Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose

Authors : Louise M. Gouge
Publisher : David C Cook
Publication Date : 2004-12
ISBN-13 : 9781589190405
ISBN-10 : 1589190408
Page : 319 Pages
User Reviews : 1
Bestsellers Rank : 4
Categories : Fiction, Religion
Language : en

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Summary Hannah Rose

Captain Ahab has become the victim of his own mad pursuit of the great white whale. Hannah, his widow and her son, Timothy, seek to distance themselves from the Ahab name by planning a trip to Europe. But during a visit to friends in Boston,

Hannah encounters some prospective love interests and finds she must first search her heart regarding some important life issues, not the least of which is slavery. As she watches dedicated friends share their faith with sailors in the port city, she is challenged by how she will share her faith with others. Hannah’s journey reveals the unexpected ways that God fulfills His plans for us beyond our own plans and desires.

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