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Dangerous to Love

Dangerous to Love

Authors : Sally Tyler Hayes
Publisher : Harlequin
Publication Date : 2011-07-15
ISBN-13 : 9781459258617
ISBN-10 : 1459258614
Page : 256 Pages
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Bestsellers Rank :
Categories : Fiction
Language : en

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Summary Dangerous to Love


Sexy spy Dan Reese had spent years holding his pretty protégée at arm’s length. But after one soul-searing kiss, agent Jamie Douglass began to infiltrate Dan’s long-guarded heart.

Then one assignment gone wrong changed everything. Now Dan had to fight to reclaim the man he once was, and he vowed to do it alone. With Jamie’s future ahead of her, Dan knew she didn’t need a sidelined hero on her hands. But when Jamie discovered there was a traitor in their agency and her life was now at stake, Dan couldn’t let her face danger without him by her side….

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