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Billion Reasons

Billion Reasons

Authors : Lexy Timms
Publisher : Dark Shadow Publishing
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Page : 234 Pages
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Categories : Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Language : en

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Descriptions Billion Reasons

There are a billion reasons why you can’t. Focus on the few reasons you can.

The last thing I need is a personal assistant. I’m good at my job, and, no matter what my interfering Mom thinks, I don’t need help with that.

Yet, somehow, I’ve ended up with Lilah as my PA. And I like her. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s making my life a hell of a lot easier.

But one business trip together, and everything changes. I never wanted this woman in my life, but now she’s here, and I can’t imagine it without her. Now that feels dangerous…

Assisting the Boss Series

Book 1 – Billion Reasons

Book 2 – Duke of Delegation

Book 3 – Late Night Meetings

Book 4 – Delegating Love

Book 5 – Suitors & Admirers

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