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After the Event

After the Event

Authors : Christopher A. Brown
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Publication Date : 2007-06-04
ISBN-13 : 9781465326874
ISBN-10 : 1465326871
Page : 186 Pages
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Categories : Psychology
Language : en

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Summary After the Event

These writings show the unconscious priorities that the limbic system of the mind operates with proportion to the greater meanings over time to a person. The unconscious/conscious processes are complex when relating to reproduction. What is documented here is an example of how every day our unconscious reprograms our conscious mind with what we are going to think our life is about. Or, translated into why the accounting of this book seems obsessed with love, it defines a function obliquely, or marriage as a practice of unconditional love then parental love, adjacent to romantic love, creating a supporting instinctual structure manipulated to serve us, by us throughout our lives.

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